Borders Closing Its Doors by Fall

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Due to increased competition by Barnes and Noble and Amazon, Borders will be closing up shop for good this September. The world's second largest book store can attribute its downfall to neglecting a changing market, and generation. While Amazon is running the game online, and Barnes and Noble releases the Nook, poor Borders just sit by and watched their business run elsewhere.

While this is good for the competition, publishers will have fewer places to market books which means fewer sales for authors and publishing companies. Liquidation sales are set to start as early as Friday in some stores, and be finished by September.

Too bad I am not one of the elite who read books. Otherwise this would be a sad period for me, surely. I genuinely gave thought to publishing this post under the "Fail" category. Probably in bad taste :-/

via mocoNews


  1. That sucks. Totally sadface :(

  2. That's really too bad. There is a Borders right down the street from me that I shop at all the time. It will be sad to see it go.

  3. Doesnt bother me one bit I shop at amazon anyway.

  4. What sucks big time is the loss of jobs. More thousands to join the unemployment line, if they were lucky enough to even work full time. I use my Kindle to read free books to catch up on classic literature. I use the library to read new books, and would even use their ebooks except for the publishers who are trying to wring the libraries dry by charging them extra past a given number of borrowings. The book business is worse because there are so many readers out of work!

  5. @Tess-- That's big business for ya. It's unfortunate that Borders essentially ran itself into the ground due to negligence on their own behalf. Very unfortunate.