7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Viagra

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Viagra has been a lifesaver to many millions of men around the world who suffer from erectile dysfunction. There are probably very few people who have never actually heard of Viagra, a.k.a. the little blue pill, the blue diamond, vitamin V etc. etc. However, not very many people know that much about this little wonder pill.

But, for those of you who do know a bit about Viagra, or even if all you know is that “it’s good!” here are few more somewhat useless, yet kind of interesting, facts about Viagra.

1. Viagra, like so many other miraculous medical breakthroughs (like vaccinations and having the option to be put under before having your leg amputated) was discovered by accident. Researchers in the U.K. were attempting to create a drug to treat a heart condition. Unfortunately, they weren’t having much success. They would have stopped the research had they not discovered that the bulges in some of the test subjects’ trousers were in fact NOT flashlights and they (probably) weren’t just happy to see them either. These involuntary erections were a very fortunate side effect, it turns out, and Pfizer marketed the drug as Viagra five years after the embarrassing “Well, this is awkward…” incident.

2. Viagra was one of the first prescription drugs that was marketed directly to the user. Usually, since prescription drugs must be prescribed by a doctor, the pharmaceutical company tries to sell the physicians on the drug. In Viagra’s case, Pfizer knew that if they let men who suffered from ED know about the drug, they would be scrambling to ask their doctors about it. (Smart buggers….) 

3. Aside from making it possible for men with ED to engage in normal sexual activity, Viagra has also been suggested as a possible cure for other ailments as well. In one study, small doses of Viagra were shown to reduce the effects of jet lag in hamsters. But, this was only if the hamsters were flying eastward. Why? We don’t know! But, it may be a good excuse to pop a pill and join the miles high club. What else are you gonna do on a 12 hour flight to Tokyo?...

4. And the cool applications don’t just stop there! Viagra may also be used to treat severe cases of altitude sickness. The same action that relaxes the muscles in the penis and allows blood to flow through, causing an erection (believe it or not, there is no bone involved), helps to relax the blood vessels in the lungs so that they can more effectively absorb the oxygen in the thin air. 

5. If you think that’s a bit strange, you probably haven’t heard that researchers at the University of Washington are suggesting that boys as young as 8 start taking Viagra as a preventative measure against a certain heart condition. They propose giving these boys doses that are far higher than the doses taken by grown men to treat ED. This hasn’t been approved (for obvious reasons) but can you imagine being a little boy again, and aside from dealing with the occasional embarrassing boner, you’d basically be a walking hard-on? (poor kids…)

6. At least this next guy was only marketing this stuff to grown up men. If you were on planet earth recently, you may have heard that Prince William (cue unwarranted swooning) got married to his Princess Kate. To celebrate the occasion, a British brewer decided to make a sort of “consummation” beer  in honor of the royal couple. The brew contained the equivalent of about 1/3 a pill of Viagra per bottle. It contained a few other aphrodisiac substances and the label even had the slogan “Arise, Prince Willie”.

7. As a final fun fact: If you are looking for an alternative to Viagra, well, search no more! There may be a very potent way to get it up and keep it up for at least 4 hours…. IF you are willing to get bitten by a Brazilian wandering spider. This spider’s venomous bite can kill you…. or leave you with a long lasting (yet quite painful) erection. Nurses in Brazil say that they can always tell a victim of this spider bite when they come into the ER. Aside from the screaming, victims also can be spotted by their obviously aroused state (must be confusing…). Doctors are trying to isolate the chemical that causes the erection, but until then, we suggest you stick to more conventional medicines… unless, of course, the Peter Parker method sounds fine to you (Here, spidey, spidey!...) 

Guest post by Stacey Cavalari:

Stacey Cavalari holds a B.A in Literature and currently writes for AccessRx.com, an online facilitator for consumers who buy Viagra online and other safe FDA-approved medications such as Levitra. Stacey uses her research scientist skills to cover and uncover big pharma news she shares on the AccessRx Blog


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