The Story Of My Life

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pictures say 1,000 words of course. However, this picture pretty much sums up my life in only 9.
Ballerina photo via Flickr copyright Yulian Firdaus

How many of you actually took the time to count the words on the picture? :)

This picture reminds me of the time when I was walking out the door of my job, only to be presented with a faceful of embarrassment. Let me reiterate the last sentence. I was walking out the door of my JOB; A door I've walked out of literally thousands of times before.

Wouldn't you know, this particular time leaving, there would happen to be a large group of street urchins hanging out three feet from the door. I assume that this group of young men would be classified as slightly less than civilized, socially-unproductive citizens, who quite possibly would bomb a drug test like the professionals they are.

Midway between the door and my vehicle, my feet gave me the "F.U." and decided to trip over a parking stop. In the midst of biffing it, I had the clarity of mind to at least cover my face as not to damage my meal ticket. Upon regaining my balance, I noticed that this group of young men got a great laugh from something hilarious. I can only assume that they were telling some really good jokes.

I tactfully gave them the middle finger and entered my vehicle, all the while, keeping that middle finger up until I had left the parking lot.

Little bastards....