Casey Anthony Set To Leave Jail Sunday

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Well, the Real Housewife of... I mean Casey Anthony is set to walk free from jail Sunday. For all you heathens out there, Sunday is also the Lord's day. Perfect day to release an alleged baby-killer from jail. 

Anthony's plans for life out of jail have not been announced. However, it is the general consensus that her safety could be in jeopardy.

This case has certainly been the one to define a generation, and hopefully a lot is learned from this. I don't like getting myself wrapped up in this whirlwind, but all I will say is: her and O.J. are probably going to do lunch after all this mess.

Oh, and just my fucking luck... I can't even get out of a speeding ticket.

Story and video via CNN.


  1. This whole thing is such bullshit. But I don't even want to start arguing. THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS!

  2. None of us were in that jury. You can't say that you're opinion would be the same if you were in that room with the rest of the jurors.