Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Doing Reality Show

Monday, July 18, 2011

In what has been pretty much the biggest news of the week, J.Lo and Marc Anthony have ended their 7 year marriage. Apparently these guys are real troopers, however, with plans for a reality show in the works for the both of them.

Filming begins this fall on the former couple's new talent competition, "Q'Viva!". The show takes place in South America, and is similar in pretense to "American Idol"--with a Latin twist.

I gotta say, I admire their work ethic, and being able to push aside their personal problems to work together on screen. They are a lot like me in that if I split up with my significant other, you bet your ass I would be back working the corner the very next day...

(Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images)


  1. Just what we need. More effing talent competitions

  2. I will have to watch just so I can see the bitchfight between the both of them on screen

  3. They were married 7 years?! That's like 15 in dog years!

  4. @Jason
    ...In StoopidDog years.