Twelve Billion Year Old Water Found Around Black Hole

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Artist rendering of water-producing black hole. Image credit: NASA/ESA

Researchers have found a body of water 12 billion light years away from Earth. What makes this body of water unique is that it is the largest and oldest ever found in the known universe. The location of this "lake" is also unique in its location, in that it surrounds an active black hole--which is what created the water originally. This black hole creates water vapor from the waves of energy emitted from it forcing hydrogen and oxygen atoms together.

The most unique part of this finding, however, is the sheer size of this body of water. NASA has stated that there is 140 trillion times the water on Earth contained in this one patch of space. That figure works out to be enough water to supply each person on Earth with 20,000 planets-full of water--or supply every planet in our galaxy with water 28 times over.

Pardon me while I go get a drink.

via Fast Company

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