Woke Up This Morning...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Woke up this morning...

And I could just feel today was going to be an assface. I was correct.

To begin with, I started my morning late for work. On my way, I noticed my car learned how to make a brand new sound; this just happened to sound something like "#$%^**@$". But being the resilient human being I am, I know how to deal with car problems. I continued my journey to work with the stereo turned up to a far louder volume.

Upon my arrival to work, I found my boss was planning on spending the day in my face. He usually spends his time at his other businesses, but I can handle just one day. Not that I don't like my boss or anything, (he does sign my paycheck), but this was just the icing on the shit-cake that was my Thursday.

The biggest twist in my day came when I found the ceiling was profusely leaking water. And it wasn't even raining. It turned out to be even better than that-- the air conditioner had a leak. Double trouble. Better yet, the ceiling lights were filling up with water. Off they go.

I just happened to be washing dishes at the time of the lights getting shut off. How did I wash them in the dark you ask? I just guessed at where I thought the dirt was. No lights, no flashlight, no candle. Not even a fucking match. Hope I guessed right!

After all those shenanigans, I ended my day with a drive home, back in the same vocal car. In 98 degree weather. No air. Windows up.



  1. omfg sounds like something that would happen to me

  2. "And I could just feel today was going to be an assface." HA epic.

  3. lol. Dude youre too much!! :D

  4. Well just think, worse things could happen!

  5. First world problems.