World Record-Breaking Parallel Park

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ronny Wechselberger, a.k.a. "Ronny C-Rock", broke a Guiness World Record back in April for the tightest parallel park. The space that Ronny had to navigate his vehicle into was only 10 inches wider than the Volkswagen he was driving.

But his record was short-lived, however, when a man from China beat him out by parking in a space just about a half-inch smaller.

I will have you know, this video is exactly 45 seconds long. If that were me, you could watch The Titanic in the time it would take me to parallel park that bitch. I would prefer to break other records; like "most Cheetos eaten" in a day. Or, maybe "most sex had in a back alley dumpster." Maybe.

via The Sun

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  1. I can do that. If the other cars don't mind their bumpers being across the street.